He lives in Rome where he was born in 1958. He has been a professional photographer since 1982. Over the years he developed a close and instinctive relationship with light, using it through the camera and more recently on video, as an instrument of exploration and expression. Together with Nicola Forenza and Alessandro Vescovo in 1998, he founded the Pan-ikon Group project whose aim was to launch the unexpressed potential and demonstrate the specific expressive capacity of photography. In 2001 he started to collaborate with the publishers of the on-line magazine , writing articles on queries and the perceptive potential that may be explored and developed with the camera. He has participated in and collaborates in various performances with experimental musicians such as Marco Ariano, Elio Martusciello, Gianfranco Tedeschi, Vincent Courtois, Roberto Bellatalla and with the poets Marco Giovenale, Giulio Marzaioli, Sara Ventroni, Prisca Agustoni and with the dancer Alessandra Cristiani. He is currently a member of the cultural association Punto di Svista a member of the editorial board of the journalistic head Punto di Svista – Visual Arts in Italy.

Main Exhibitions

2012 Bergamo “Oltre ” Sala Manzù collective exhibition edited by Angela Madesani 2011 Rome “Correlation” Galleria Gallerati collective exhibition edited by Maurizio G De Bonis, Valentina Trisolino and Carlo Gallerati 2011 Villa Lagarina (Tn) “Even though we are women…” Palazzo Libera collective exhibition edited by Angela Madesani 2009 Rome Experience #1 – Galleria Gallerati curated by Maurizio G.De Bonis 2009 Rome – Act without actors – Rialto SantAmbrogio pictures and text with Marco Giovenale edited by Scatole Sonore 2008 Rome – Italian Experimental Cinema – Nuovo Cinema Aquila – edited by Piero Pala 2008 Rome – Trasform’action festival buto Dance, Furio Camillo’s theater, foto and video and installation “entrana” of Alessandra Cristiani < Video2006 Rome FotoGrafia Festival Internazionale (Rome International Photography Festival) “An Experience of Light” ,Rialto S.Ambrogio edited by Piero Pala (Pan-ikon) 2006 Padova aprile fotografia (Padua April Photography) Palazzo Monte di Pietà “First Light” collective exhibition edited by Roberto Salbitani 2006 Ciampino (Rm) Presentimenti (Presentiments) – Art Festival “for oscillating lines” Photo scores for three improvisers with Marco Ariano on drums-live electronics, Vincent Courtois violoncello, Marco Colonna clarinet 2005 Ancona Polytechnic March University “Prima Luce” collective exhibition edited by Roberto Salbitani 2005 Velletri (Rm) Il Narvalo Contemporary Art “everything is more fragile than it seems ” personal exhibition edited by Serafina Carone 2003 Rome, La Camera Verde Cultural Centre “Modulations” personal exhibition edited by Andrea Semerano and Francesca Vitale 2002 Rome, Studio Campo Boario “Light of my Eyes” (Pan-ikon) edited by Alberto D’Amico and Maurizio G. De Bonis 2000 Rome National Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery “Début” Pan-ikon by Elena di Majo and Mariastella Margozzi


2010 “degli insetti – entomofonie immaginali” from an idea of Marco Ariano 2008   4’39”dvd Abstracta Film Festival selection 2008, Italian Experimental Cinema with essential partecipation of Alessandra Cristiani (video)2005 “Transcriptions” Video début in three parchments, sound artist Marco Ariano 9′ 16″ DVD selection and special mention by the Jury of the 2006 Abstracta Film Festival, Rome Abstract International Cinema Festival 2003 “Rotor” video animation based on an idea by G. De Bonis, director Alberto D’Amico, sound artist Marco Ariano, photographs Pan-Ikon 2′ 58″ dvd


2007 “Una Qualita Ritrovata”, a short story and 50 images about Lazio fields, edited by Stefano Abbadessa Mercanti with a introduction of Chiara Proietti, an edition Mercanti Editore Grottaferrata (Rm). 2006 “A neve ilìcita” forty-six short stories by Prisca Agustoni, photographs on cover and seven in the book, dialogue with texts, publisher Nankin Editorial San Paolo del Brasile. 2004 “Libro Schiavo” the catalogue of catalogues edited by Enzo Cucchi, edited by Giorgio Bertelli, text by Piero Cavellini, Obliquo Brescia edition 2003 “Modulations” with a text by Francesca Vitale, silver photogram collection, La Camera Verde Rome edition 2001 “tesse” text by Marco Giovenale with 33 original limited series photographic prints, edited by pulcinoelefante Osnago -Lc-

Gallery representatives

Galleria Gallerati – Rome

Pietro D’Agostino has collaborated with visual arts and communications journal

Critical Texts

Marco Giovenale, Maria Stella Margozzi, Maurizio G. De Bonis, Francesca Vitale, Fausto Raschiatore, Piero Pala, Rosa Maria Puglisi

Photographs of the author are part of the Rome Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery collections of the Paris Bibliothèque Nationale de France and a number of private collectors. “transcription” video is part of a documentary found about Maria Zambrano which is in Istituto Cervantes in Rome.